Moving to Togo?

Anon shipping deal with huge volumes of shipping to The Port of Togo in Loma. Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Loma is the country's main administrative and industrial centre and its main port.

Everyone at Anon Services stays motivated to create positive experience to customers. We strive to achieve customer’s expectation. The employer sets a tone that is followed by the employees. Therefore information given to our clients is uniform. Employees also get respect and are highly appreciated, thus treating customers with respect.

Customers are always right. We are ready to correct any mistakes that may occur and change any mishaps. By dealing with customers one on one and correct small issues that may come up, it helps us as a company to brush little aches and perfect our services we offer to you. Listening is an essential skill: if customers sense that we are hearing their concerns it goes towards a long way of soothing ruffled feathers. This may go a long way because with time it has helped us create strong bonds and also learn something new about ourselves.  

The ports have fire fighting equipment as safety is our number one concern. All ships that transport the cars are heavily secured. Cars and goods entering the ships are all inspected and are verified before export to meet shipping standards.  

Kindly not that the containers can be delivered to customers registered address to load the goods. Customers can also bring their goods to Felixtowe port or Southampton.

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