As an international car shipping company we offer three different methods of shipping vehicles overseas for our customers. These 3 different methods are

  1. Roll on and Roll off - RORO
  2. Private container.
  3. Shared Container

Roll on and Roll off - RORO

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) are ferries designed to carry wheeled goods such as Cars, Lorries, Trucks, and Trailers. This is different to lo-lo (lift on-lift off) ferries which use cranes to load and unload the cargo.
RORO ferries & ships have built-in Ramps which allow the cargo to be efficiently "rolled on" and "rolled off" the vessel when in port.

The unloading of this type of ship for shipping vehicles overseas requires special docks. We first of all valet the car of our valued customer before driving it into a specially designated place on the vessel. On arrival at the destination port, the cars are offloaded from the vessel by driving it out on ramps aligned with the cargo dock.

Please note that not all ports have offered this service so please enquire with one of our agents beforehand.

Private container

For those customers who wish for their cars to be shipped in private containers, our company has ensured that shipping vehicles can be done in an exclusive container. Thus, access to your automobile and container is under your sole control.

Our international Car shipping company will position your Private container at the loading point. After that, a professional car loader will drive your car into the container and will secure it for safe shipping. When the container reaches the destination you will be called and only you will open the container. This is because you will be the only one with the keys to the container. Understandably, this type of shipping becomes slightly more expensive because you are paying for the full container even though you may not be using the full space it offers. The benefits to this form of shipping a car overseas is that the car will be safe from any sort of damage or theft that may occur on board.

Shared container

A less costly way of shipping a car overseas is to ship it in a high cube container. This system loads up to 4 cars into a single container.  For the first two options above, the loading and off loading of ships takes a huge amount of time as cars have to be loaded individually one by one. For this the international car shipping companies have to pay the dock authorities extra money for the harbouring. The shared container method means that cars can be loaded or off loaded by the mechanical cranes in less than twenty four hours. Thus, it saves the money of the international car shipping companies which is directly passed on to the customers like you. Using this method of shipping cars overseas three or four cars depending upon the size of the car are loaded in a high cube 40 inch container. In the remaining part of the container motorcycles will be loaded. The price one pays will entirely depend on the size of the car and how much space it takes in the container. A saloon for example, will cost less than a 4x4 say Range rover due to the space the latter takes

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