Shipping and moving to Angola

Anon Shipping deals with huge volumes of Shipping to The Port of Angola. The Porto de Luanda is the biggest city, main seaport, and capital of Angola. With a population of almost five million (in 2007), Porto de Luanda is being largely reconstructed, and several major developments are underway that will change the city’s port dramatically.

Our company has the best trained work force in the industry as the staffs have attained all training standards needed by the government. They are highly qualified and certified for the job. The company is also trustworthy as it has all legal documents required by the Shipping laws and the government of United Kingdom. The bank and insurance companies used by our company are fast and efficient ensuring smooth and safe running of transactions. This ensures that all procedures can be traced by both the company and the customers due to evidence of any transactions avoiding any misunderstanding.

There is a special team that has been assigned to immediately respond to any telephone or email contact. They will carefully explain step by step and procedures needed for the Shipping process that one will need before Shipping any car or goods to Angola. Anon Shipping has extensive knowledge that can smoothen  the whole process, reducing paperwork ,hassle and cost to you. With a vast network of international contracts and Shipping agents so can offer the best rates for Shipping.

 We  are well informed and are up to  date about requirements needed by the  Angola  government when it comes to its import and export procedures and customer clearance charges. This will make it easier for the customers to know the required documents needed before Shipping. On the ground we have a vast network of  dedicated  agents and partners on the ground to assist you with any pressing issues or concerns  you may have such as clearance and any other paperwork at the port of Angola.

 Kindly not that the Containers can be delivered to customers registered address to load the goods. Customers can also bring their goods to Felixtowe port, Southampton. or Tilbury.

Angola (Luanda and Lobito)

Vehicle Type Saloon 4X4 (Dims to be Verified)
RORO Price £555 £880


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